What does Verto Partners do?

Verto brings collaborative, experienced “c-level” professionals to middle market companies to assist management teams with growth, profit improvement and cash flow enhancement.

What kinds of engagements does Verto undertake?

Growth Strategy –

  • Business assessment
  • product, market, facilities planning, development & implementation
  • growth capital

Operations Improvement

  • LEAN, Six Sigma for improved, lower cost throughput and productivity
  • Financial systems and controls; IT systems; assessments and upgrades
  • Working capital and PP&L asset utilization efficiency reviews
  • Supply Chain management

M&A support

  • Buy-side structured search
  • Merger integration/divestiture

Organization Support

  • Organization structure and effectiveness; strengths/weaknesses
  • Interim leadership (CEO, CFO, CRO)
  • Board representation


  • 90 day cash flow plans
  • Financial restructuring
  • Comprehensive experience for managing needs of all constituents

What differentiates Verto?

Verto partners have been in the “driver’s seat”, have met payrolls and understand what it takes to lead businesses in good times and bad.  Verto’s seasoned leadership and operating experience sets us apart for assisting any company with its challenges. We are passionate about results.