Proprietary Concepts and Frameworks

Don Bilbeault’s pioneering work has continued to evolve and is encapsulated in Verto Partners’ proprietary assessment methodology and other intellectual property, which is available exclusively to our clients. Underperforming companies do not need theoretical solutions that are not tested in decades of operating reality. We believe we are the best in the industry at determining “turnaroundability”, prescribing solutions that work and adding leadership as requested to implement our solutions.

Unmatched Breadth and Depth in Comprehensive Solutions

We believe no other boutique in the nation can boast our 360° perspective and full range of capabilities. Our core focus is improving company performance; however, our proficiency in targeting, investing in and operating in underperforming situations, from crisis to stabilization to the return-to-growth, is unmatched. We are also leaders in unlocking value and developing growth acceleration catalysts in traditionally profitable companies. Together with our partners at The Lucas Group, we have approximately thirty talented professionals with expertise in strategy, private equity, investment banking and leading companies. Verto Partners professionals were forged through ultimate accountability for results in primary decision-maker roles, ranging from CEO to principal investor…we deeply understand risk capital and ownership.